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Malacanang shrugs off Misuari’s threat

Aquino administration not threatened with Misuari

The Aquino administration is doubtful that the whole Moro National Liberation Front will support the threat by its founding Chairman, Nur Misuari.

Presidential Spokesman Sec. Edwin Lacierda said that it’s impossible for the members of the MNLF to support the plan of Misuari to declare an Independent Republic if the Final Peace Agreement from their group has been junked.

This will happen as soon as the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front gets approved.

Lacierda clarified that the government wants to terminate the Tripartite Review Mechanism which is being pushed by the Organization of Islamic Conference and not the 1996 MNLF Peace Agreement.

The Secretary added that it’s not only the MILF and MNLF who will benefit from the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement but the whole nation in attaining peace and development in Muslim Mindanao.

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