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Malacanang shrugs off alleged impending arrest of Vice President Binay


Malacanang remains silent regarding Vice President Jejomar Binay’s concern that allegedly, there are plans of arresting him after he files his certificate of candidacy this month.

According to Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Usec. Abigail Valte, the Aquino administration will not comment on the statement of the Vice President because they are not aware on where the Vice President based his said assumptions.

“We cannot comment on VP Binay’s statement as we do not know what his basis or information is for saying that.”

Prior to this, the Vice President said that there is a possibility that the Aquino administration will have him arrested as soon as the plunder charges against him have been filed.

Binay will be facing another plunder case, the latest, filed by former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, regarding the deal between the Boy Scout of the Philippines and Alphaland Corp.

“I have the feeling that they will do that because if you notice the attacks against me are warning, or as they call it, ‘calm before the storm’.  I have the feeling that the demolition by perception will resume either before or after the filing of the COCs,”  said Binay.  (with DZRH Florante Rosales)

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