Malacanang believes Matabato’s ICC plan is part of a propaganda to oust Prez Duterte

(photo credit: DZRH Boy Gonzales)
(photo credit: DZRH Boy Gonzales)

Malacanang believes the self-confessed Davao Death Squad member Edgar Matobato’s plan to seek help from the International Criminal Court is a ploy to connect President Rodrigo Duterte with the alleged extra-judicial killings in the country.

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said that he finds this latest move to oust President Duterte, funny.

According to Panelo, he would like to remind Matobato’s camp that they need to present strong evidence before they can press charges against the President.

Meanwhile, Malacanang is ready to respond to whatever complaint Matobato will file against the President, but as early as now, Panelo said that whatever charges Matobato has against the President will not stand in court.

Panelo added that he is sure that critics of the President will not stop on throwing accusations against Duterte, amid his continuous rise in popularity.

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