Makati jail inmates hold noise barrage


Some 500 inmates of the Makati City Jail on Tuesday staged a noise barrage denouncing the alleged anomalies taking place inside the penitentiary.

The protest started late Tuesday evening with the detainees shouting and banging the steel bars of their cells.

It lasted until 6 a.m. on Wednesday that left 30 wounded inmates due to the standoff with responding members of Special Tactics and Response team of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), with the help of local police and firemen.

Jennilyn Mati, wife of one of the inmates, told reporters that the noise barrage was in protest on anomalies in the city jail.

She added that the prisoners wanted to expose the alleged illegal trade inside the detention wherein they are being forced to sell illicit drugs.

The prisoners also complained the bad serving of food and inhumane treatment to some detainees.

For its part, the Makati City Jail belied the accusations and claimed that the prisoners held a noise barrage in an attempt to stop the transfer of three known inmates.

Authorities also alleged that the inmates were only trying to preempt the impending “Oplan Galugad” operation. (MJD)

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