Losing candidates in Lanao Del Sur accuse winning rivals of vote-buying, electoral fraud


Losing candidates in Lanao Del Sur joined forces to urge the disqualification of their victorious rivals, who have been accused of vote-buying and cheating in the election.

During a prayer rally on Friday, May 17, the losing candidates alongside their about 3,000 supporters called for justice and an investigation on the alleged cases of vote-buying and electoral fraud. They said that these acts removed their right to suffrage.

The group also condemned the military for turning a blind eye in the dirty elections in Lanao Del Sur.

Recently, a video went viral in social media showing the alleged seizure and pre-shading of ballots at a polling precinct in Lanao Del Sur on Monday, May 13.

The candidates have already filed a complaint in Malacanang. the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) also urged the uploader of the viral video to file a formal complaint in their office.

Meanwhile, during the election day itself, there was also a failed attempt to bomb a polling center in Marantao, Lanao Del Sur.

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