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Liza Soberano defends lead role in “Bagani”

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Having gained much attention, the new fantasy series “Bagani” received some odd-comments regarding its casting where several netizens argued that the actors and actresses features do not fit their characters.

Taking on to Twitter, actress Liza Soberano defended her title as the lead actress of the series saying that she is as Pinoy as one can be.

Responding to a netizen Liza wrote, “And who says we’re not Pinoy? My Father is full Filipino. I was raised by two Filipinos since the age of 4. I looooove sinigang I think that’s as Pinoy as Pinoy can get.”

Liza’s father is Filipino while her mother is an American. Meanwhile, her partner, Enrique Gil is of Spanish-Filipino decent.

Liza’s tweet, later on, gained more and more attention as netizens debated the series’ choice of artists.

Several netizens voiced that leads Liza and Enrique Gil do not fit their roles given the timeline and origin of the film; some argued that the love team LizQuen looked too Euro-centric rather than Filipinos.

Fans, however, went forth and defended their idols saying that it more than the feature that makes one Filipino.

Photo screen capped from Miguel Poblador Twitter

Meanwhile, Bagani headwriter Mark Duane Angos defended his show against netizens after it was compared to the hit American film “Black Panther”.

The netizen wrote on his Twitter, “Movies like #BlackPanther pay homage to African culture by innovating without sacrificing authenticity. While shows like #Bagani slather half-white Asians in bronzer to pass them off as precolonial Filipinos because kayumangi doesn’t sell.”

To this Angos replied, “Sana like BlackPanther, pinanood mo muna Bagani bago mo hinusgahan. You’ll know it’s not precolonial. Speaking of colonial, do you see the irony of your tweet- na katanggap-tanggap lang ang isang locally produced show kung maihahantulad ito sa gawang banyaga. Very postcolonial.”

Angos further noted that Bagani is set in a fictional world called “Sansinukob”, hence is not limited to portraying ancient Filipino tribes or any historical period.

A netizen, however, questioned the need for Liza and Enrique’s skin to be tanned if the show does not pertain to pre-colonial Philippines.

Angos explained, “In the script, the desert people were described ‘the dirt or sand sticks to their skin but instead of washing it off, they wear it like a badge forming part of their identity.’ Baka that’s the way the make up artist interpreted it.”




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