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Liza Maza barred from boarding plane to US

Former Gabriela Party List Rep. Liza Maza doubted the intention why she was not allowed to board the plane for US. (Screen grabbed from internet)
. (Screen grabbed from internet)

Former Gabriela Partylist Rep. Liza Maza condemns the decision of the United States government after she was barred from travelling to Washington DC to stand witness against the Enhance Defense Cooperation Agreement and the Visiting Forces Agreement.

The said incident happened when she was blocked from boarding Korean Air flight 633 bound for the US.

According to Maza’s statement, Immigration officials from the airport said that they received an email from the Customs and Border Protection of the US Homeland Security specifying that Maza isn’t allowed to fly.

Maza currently holds a 10-year valid US visa which will expire in 2018 and she was even able to fly to the US last 2013.

The former lawmaker said that she believes it was intentional on the part of the US government to stop her from boarding the said flight so that she couldn’t participate in any events by the human rights activists and peace advocates and international people’s tribunal on the crimes in Washington.


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