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Lea Salonga unabashed by netizens attack on her recent “Independence Day” post

(taken from Lea Salonga’s official Facebook page)

Tony Award winner Lea Salonga isn’t affected by all the “hate” comments she’s been receiving due to a single question she post as the country celebrates its 117th Independence Day.

Ms. Salonga in her personal Twitter account posted this:  “Our country is not yet debt-dree, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free. So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it?”

This post has earned different reactions from netizens, some claim that the International singer was too critical of the government.

One netizen commented that if there’s no freedom, Salonga wouldn’t be able to express herself freely through social media.

There was also a comment which seemed to be teaching Ms. Salonga Philippine history when it said that the Independence Day we’re celebrating is about us being free from our conquerors and not from the country’s current problems.

In an exclusive interview with, Ms Salonga said that she really doesn’t know where all the hate’s coming from.  She said that her (Independence Day) post was one of her more beneign postings.  “It was a question of reflection and not of direct criticism.”

According to her, “nuance is absent from anything text-based”.  With a simple question that she asked, people already made assumptions, to the point of attacking her character.

When asked if she’s been critical with the government, Ms. Salonga said that she’s always been.  It’s just that she doesn’t always share it on social media.

However, she made it clear that she’s not critical of any person, or any department of the government.  As she said it bluntly, “wala naman talaga akong karapatang bumatikos sa kahit sino, but as a citizen of my country, I feel I have the right to speak.”

She also said that she knows that there are some who would really like to topple her a few notches down.  Maybe because of her stature in the entertainment world, or just because she has a certain command that some would rather take that away from her.

“They’re pikon because they know, deep in their hearts, what I said was true.”

This writer asked her if she will tone down her posts in the future, in a true Lea Salonga fashion, “my mom isn’t able to stop me.  What makes you think you could?”

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