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After Laviña, Duterte seeks removal of more corrupt officials

President Rodrigo Duterte (REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco)
President Rodrigo Duterte (REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco)

After former National Immigration Administration Administrator Peter Laviña, Other Cabinet members and high government officials that are involved in corruption, also face the possibility of being removed from their position.

This was President Rodrigo Duterte’s warning, after Laviña was removed from his post due to issues of corruption.

According to the president, in the next few days, there will be other officials who will be removed from their assigned posts. Duterte added that the people he gave gov’t positons, are not safe from being fired.

Digong promised that during his six years as President, he won’t allow graft and corruption in the different gov’t agencies.

Prez Duterte proved that he is serious in his anti-corruption campaign when he fired Laviña who was close to him, and was his spokesperson during his campaign.

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