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Lacierda takes a swipe at Duterte’s “rape joke”

 (screen grabbed from internet)

Presidential Spokesman Secretary Edwin Lacierda slammed Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte regarding his alleged “rape joke” comment, which has been earning mixed reactions from different people all over the world.

In his Facebook post, Secretary Lacierda said that if Mayor Duterte will become the next President, the country will be in danger.

Lacierda added that if Duterte will be President, the country will not just return as the “Sick man of Asia” but worst, it will be “Sick joke of Asia.”

“If Digong becomes President, the Philippines will not only revert back to being the sick man of Asia but the sick joke of Asia.”

Meanwhile, after Mayor Digong’s rape joke on the fate of an Australian missionary who was raped and killed inside a Davao prison some year ago earned the ire of a lot of people, another picture has gone viral in social media.  This time, it is a picture of a girl, allegedly raped by Presidential bet Mar Roxas.

A picture of a certain Maricar Sison Zaldariaga, positioned next to a picture of her son, Paolo Zaldariaga Roxas was posted by the Global Friends of Rody Duterte.

Based on the said post, they claim that Roxas raped the mother of Paolo and after he was born, Roxas dismissed Ms. Zaldariaga.

Mayor Duterte already apologized regarding his remark concerning the Australian missionary, stating that it was not his intention to offend women but instead he wants to protect, not just them but children as well from being victims of crimes.

(with DZRH Florante Rosales)

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