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Kin of Napoles faces Tax Evasion case

Jeane Napoles

The Department of Justice Panel of Prosecutor is giving the daughter of Pork Barrel Fund scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles an ultimatum regarding her Tax Evasion case after she failed to attend the preliminary investigation of the said case.

The controversial Jeane Napoles was a no-show on her own case hearing that was filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

The Prosecutor is asking Jeane to submit her counter affidavit until December 17.

The Panel also did not allow any Special Entry of Appearance by Jeane’s lawyer because a different lawyer represented her during today’s supposed hearing.

The BIR filed a tax evasion case against Jeane for allegedly having a tax liability amounting to 32 Million pesos from the years’ 2011-2012.

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