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KC Concepcion’s message to biological dad Gabby: “Don’t ever leave again”

“Don’t ever leave again.”

Said singer-actress KC Concepcion to her father, Gabby Concepcion, after he posted a photo of him and his then-wife Sharon Cuneta during the filming of their latest commercial.

The message was seen in the comment section of Gabby’s Instagram account followed by the numerous other remarks of fans who showered the two with support.

Another post from Gabby showed him with a giggling Cuneta surrounded by the film crew. In here KC commented, “Papa always videoing priceless moments, like Mama.”

The post, which garnered some 280,619 views, then prompted Cuneta to reply: “That’s true and you better thank us [because] you have so many photos of your lifetime because of us two! And your work.”

“But your Papi was so having fun selfie-ing his selfies! Cutie like you mija! I diezvente you so much, Qwisteena,” she added.

Just five days ago KC posted a screen capped photo of Gabby following Sharon on Instagram, she captioned: “Well played, fam. #NeverInMyWildestDreams.”

Conception and Cuneta tied the knot in 1984 and just a year later they were blessed with a healthy baby girl they named Maria Kristina Cassandra “KC” Cuneta Concepcion.

The two however, went to separate ways and have found their own partners since then.  Cuneta is married with Senator Francis Pangilinan and is blessed with two daughters and an adopted son; while Gabby is currently with Genevieve Gonzales.

As of posting, Gabby and Sharon Cuneta’s viral McDonald’s commercial has garnered over 8 million views.

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