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Joma Sison’s reaction on impending Marcos burial

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Communist Party of the Philippines chairman Joma Sison slammed President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision of allowing the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

According to Sison, with the President’s decision, it was like “spitting” at the graveyards of those who are considered as real heroes.

Sison added that if Duterte is a true-blooded leftist, he will not allow the former dictator to be included in the list of Filipino heroes.

The CPP leader is convinced that this move of the current administration is a disregard to the victims of Martial Law, who suffered abuse and violation of human rights.

The leftist-leader added that with Duterte’s decision to allow a hero’s burial for Marcos, this may be his way of paying back from the Marcoses contribution during his Presidential bid.

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