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Jolina expresses mixed emotions with birth of baby Vika

(photo credit: Jolina Magdangal-Escueta IG)

Singer, actress Jolina Magdangal recently gave birth to her and husband, musician Mark Escueta’s second child, Vika Anaya.

Both mother and baby girl are healthy.  However, what struck the most to fans regarding Jolina’s second pregnancy was how she updated everyone with her mixed emotions of bringing an additional member of the family and how it will affect their first born, Pele.

Jolina in her Instagram posts, continue to share her and Mark’s experiences on how they prepared Pele emotionally, on becoming a big brother and having to sleep on his own because of the arrival of Vika.

In one of her posts, Jolina wrote that it broke her heart when she had to explain to Pele why he is no longer allowed to sleep in the same bed with mommy.  According to her post, Jolina said that she had to hold back her tears as she tried to ease the crying Pele on something that the little boy cannot yet totally comprehend.

When Vika was born, Jolina again updated her fans stating that she is happy and content after seeing Pele’s face when he saw her baby sister for the first time.

In a separate post of her husband, Mark stated that this latest pregnancy of Jolina was difficult for them, but they made it through and now, they are four.

Meanwhile, aside from Jolina, Cristalle Bello-Pitt also gave birth to her first baby with husband Justin Pitt.  According to Cristalle’s Instagram post, the baby is born prematurely and is asking everyone to pray that “his lungs develop properly and that he continues to grow to be a healthy baby.”

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