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Janella Salvador finally meets dad after six years

(Screen grabbed from internet)
(Screen grabbed from internet)

Actress/ Singer Janella Salvador finally met her father after six years of being estranged.

According to Janella, she took effort to watch her dad performed live in one of his gigs.

The actress added that it was unplanned for she only realized that she never watched her dad perform since she was a kid. When she heard people telling that her dad is a good performer, she cannot even relate to it.

She is the daughter of band vocalist Juan Miguel Salvador and actress Jenine Desiderio.

Janella said she finds it overwhelming even they had only a short encounter.

On her relationship with her father, the actress expressed that they are always okay but only that they do not see each other.

She became popular for her role as Nikki on the daytime television drama Be Careful with My Heart on ABS-CBN.




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