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James Reid defends Nadine from offensive article

(photo from James Reid's IG account)
(photo from James Reid’s IG account)

Teen actor James Reid continuously carry his “Clark” persona, even though the Kapamilya hit-series “On The Wings Of Love” has long ended.

Based on an article of a local showbiz source, James was evidently irked with a recent article featuring his girlfriend, Nadine Lustre, focusing on the alleged things that the latter did for James to fall in love with her.

James fired back through his Twitter account, stating that the writer failed to recognized the other things that really made him fall in love with Nadine, including her personality.

The actor added that “If you wanna find love, be someone worth loving.”

The article, titled “How to Be Nadine Lustre” was immediately removed from the website and even issued an apology not just to James and Nadine, but to their fans as well.

Based on the lifestyle website’s statement, they heard and were informed, in more ways than one, how offensive the article is and that it is “beneath our editorial standards.”

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