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Human Rights Watch threatens Prez Duterte

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte REUTERS/Harley Palangchao
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte REUTERS/Harley Palangchao

The Human Rights Watch group has threatened President Rodrigo Duterte for his alleged crimes against humanity.

Based on the investigation of HRW, Duterte should be made responsible for the drug-related killings in the Philippines.

HRW insists that since the victims on the administration’s war on drugs has already reached more than 7,000 ever since Duterte became President, cases can be filed against him even though there is no evidence proving that he ordered the extra-judicial killings in the country.

HRW was able to document the killings of 32 people in 24 separate incidents. The murders happened at night and at the roads, and houses of informal settlers.

The United Nations appealed that an Independent International Investigation be done regarding the alleged cases of EJK in the Philippines.

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