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Hong Kong lifts travel ban on Philippines

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada’s trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chief Executive leung Chun-Ying released a press statement stating the removal of the travel advisory against the Philippines brought about by the 2010 hostage crisis at the Quirino grandstand where eight Hong Kong tourists died.

Hong Kong nationals are now free to travel to the Philippines.  According to Leung, Philippine agencies worked non-stop to ease the tension between the two countries, including the Department of Tourism and the local government of Manila.

The lifting of the said travel advisory is a positive result from the recent talks between Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, who flew in to Hong Kong yesterday to personally meet with Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying and some representatives from Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, in other news, the no-visa policy for Filipinos intending to travel to the US report is a hoax.

This was clarified by the US Embassy in Manila.

A few days ago, a blog stated that the US has implemented a no-visa policy for Filipinos wanting to travel to the US.  This caught the attention of netizens and immediately became a trending topic in social media.

(with Cyrille shaine Cupino)

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