High School student abruptly interrupted during Salutatorian speech


A video went viral showing a high school student being rudely interrupted while she was delivering her Salutatory speech by the teachers of their school in Quezon City.

Sto. Nino Parochial School salutatorian Krisel Mallari was asked to return to her seat after she started delivering a speech which was different from the school’s pre-approved one.

According to Krisel, she knew that their administration will not allow her to speak her mind therefore she took this opportunity to tell her batch mates her side of the story.

In the video, Mallari was criticizing the school for allegedly falsifying her grades.

She was also expected to receive the Best in Religion award but due to her speech, the school didn’t give her the said award.

The video earned different reactions from netizens.  Some netizens praised Krisel for her bold move to go against the school while some found it disrespectful because it was the right venue to air out her complaint.

The video has now 16 thousand views since it has been uploaded last March 21.

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