GM So forces draw thru perpetual check


You can’t win them all.

Finding no recourse to gain the full point grandmaster Wesley So forced a draw by perpetual check against GM Shakhrya Mamedyarov.

The draw was called after 38 moves in the 8th round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee in Holland. The game ended with So pushing the queen to the h6, attacking the king, which was in eighth rank for the third time.

Playing the white pieces, So used the Guioco Piano in his match with Mamedyarov.

So shared third place with Anish Giri and Liren Ding with 4.5 points.

GM Magnus Carlsen drew Sergey Karjakin in 31 moves of a Ruy Lopez to stay in the lead with 5.5 points.

His rook a8 move allowed him stay in control of his own back rank when it was over.

GM David Navara pulled off an upset by stopping Fabiano Caruana in in 55 moves of a Gruenfeld Defense.

Navara trapped Caruana’s black king in the back rank with his bishop f7 move and with a rook supporting it at kingside.

Caruana dropped to second spot with five points.

Giri also drew with Evgeny Tomashevsky in 58 moves of a King’s Fianchetto, while Ding drew with Yi Wei in 27 moves of another Gruenfeld Defense.

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