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Gary Valenciano announces that he is now cancer free!

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano is now cancer free! (FILE PHOTO)

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano announced on Thursday, July 4 the good news that he is now cancer free!

In his Instagram, the 54-year-old performer shared a video wherein he gave some glimpse of his journey in battling cancer.

“Just needed to share this with you all. God bless you in ways that will simply make you see just how good He really is,” he captioned his post.

In 2018, Valenciano revealed that his diagnosis found cancer in his right kidney. And just weeks after his bypass procedure, he underwent surgery in order to remove cancer in his kidney.

“A little over a year later, I’m still in awe at how God kept me on the palm of Jesus’ hand through it all. You know my friend? There really is no safer place to be than in His hands,” he said.

Valenciano took time to thank God that he is still alive after his tough battle with his type-1 diabetes, the bypass procedure, and his kidney cancer.

“Battling with type-1 diabetes, then a bypass, and kidney cancer… I’m still here. And He has been as faithful as ever. Indeed there is absolutely nothing impossible with God,” Valenciano added, saying that the prayers of his supporters have been answered after seeing the result of his annual check-up.

“There is a deep gratitude in my heart; for my family, the doctors, my relatives, my closest of friends, the various churches and the fans. Those prayers have once again have been answered because today after seeing the results of my annual checkup … I am cancer free. God is good,” he ended.


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