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Fragrance mogul Joel Cruz welcomes eight son

Fragrance mogul Joel Cruz’s took to Instagram the announcement of the birth of his 8th son. (Photo grabbed from Joel Cruz Instagram)

Officially being a father to eight children, fragrance mogul Joel Cruz introduced his son to the world on Tuesday, November 7.

In an Instagram post, Cruz posted a photo of his newborn son with a caption “Thank you Lord for another very healthy baby boy! See you soon anak. Love you, daddy Joel!

His son, who remains unnamed as of this writing, was born on Tuesday, November 6  in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Earlier this year, Cruz also announced the good news of the birth of his 7th son named ‘Zeid’ who also shares the same nationality of being half-Filipino, half-Russian with his siblings.

In 2012, Cruz announced that he will be undergoing a program called InVitro Fertilization or Surrogacy wherein the biological mother will be offering her services to donate egg cells, which cost more than Php 7 million.

The businessman has three sets of twins; six sons and two daughters. His eldest twins are Prince Sean and Princess Synne, 6; the second set, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, 3; the third set, Charles and Charlotte, 1, followed by Zeid, five months old, then his youngest son.

Recently, Joel Cruz and his seven children together with their nannies visited the one tagged as the ‘happiest place on earth’ Disney Sea in Tokyo on Friday.

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