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Expert: Duterte impeachable due to Benham Rise issue


President Rodrigo Duterte’s weak action regarding the Benham Rise issue can be used as grounds for impeachment. This warning came from Director Jay Batongbacal of the University of the Philippines Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea.

The expert believes that the questionable circulation of Chinese Vessels near Benham Rise should cause great alarm. Dir. Batongbacal also added that Duterte ignoring the affair is more alarming.

According to the UP professor, Duterte’s negligence to delicate issues can be considered a violation of the Constitution. It can also be used by the Congress in order to impeach the President.

Meanwhile, International Law Expert and Kabayan Representative Harry Roque belittled the ownership of the Philippines for Benham Rise. The Congressmen declared that the Benham Rise is not part of Philippines’ territory.

According to Roque, the Philippines only has right to explore and exploit the marine resources in the area, but that does not mean that it has sovereignty over the Benham Rise.



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