Expensive ticket prices for Pacquiao-Mayweather super fight


Tickets for the much-awaited super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are expected to skyrocket amid the announcement of Leonard Ellerbe that the cheapest price for a seat at the MGM Grand is at 1,500 US dollars while fans will have to pay 7,500 US dollars for a ring side ticket.

During Mayweather’s last fight against Marcos Maidana of Argentina, the most expensive ticket was set at 1,500 US dollars.

Management has yet to announce when they will start selling the tickets, which are expected to sell out just minutes after they open.

If these tickets end in secondary market, it is possible that they can sell these tickets from 4,100 to 33 thousand dollars.

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  1. This epic fight between the American Floyd Mayweather and the Philippine Manny Pacquiao will be held tomorrow in Las Vegas and is already being called the
    ‘Fight of the Century’. Why is this, and how can I watch this
    online? Are there any live streams available online?
    The live stream will be available here:

    These two are the best boxers in the world in their weight league.
    Pacquiao (36) otherwise known as ‘Pacman’ is with one of the four big international boxing federations.
    He is a world champion. The two men are both without a doubt living legends in their sport.
    Manny Pacquiao is a world champion and pretty much unbeatable.

    Of 64 professional titels he lost only 5. Mayweather lost 5
    matches and won 47 professional boxing matches.
    These two are opposites of eachother in character. Mayweather is a
    symbol of the American capitalism. He can not read and he makes $105
    million dollars. He loves to call himself ‘Money’ en he
    likes to show his riches on social media. Tomorrow
    he will fight with a mouth with $100 bills inside of it, along with gold of course.
    The item must have cost around $25,000. In 2012 he had to sit in jail for 90 days because he assaulted his former girlfriend.

    Pacquiao on the other hand is a beloved person in the Philippines.
    He gives a lot of money to charity and is chosen by the Philippinen House of Representitives
    and he is the head coach of a local basketball club.
    Not bad for a guy who used to sleep in a box on the streets.
    Now he has an estimated $100 million bucks.
    He is known as a kind and humorous man.

    When its 8pm in Las Vegas they should start fighting

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