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DZRH celebrates its Diamond year

DZRH anniversary
DZRH anniversary

DZRH, the flagship carrier of the Manila Broadcasting Company will celebrate its Diamond anniversary at the Manila Hotel tonight.

Decades of memories and history will be the highlight of the night as DZRH will usher in its guests to the past, present and future of AM radio.

DZRH has always been synonymous with Philippine history and what better way to commemorate such milestone, not just for MBC but for the whole country than by having a grand celebration showcasing Philippine history through DZRH.

As soon as DZRH kicked off its celebration for its 74th year anniversary, it has been busy with its preparations for the 2014 celebration.  Months of painstakingly going through archives, reliving history and going back in time, just so, it will be able to give justice to what DZRH, through its humble beginnings at the H.E Heacock Company as KZRH, to what it is now, the most trusted, wide-coverage AM station in the land.

Two of the highlights of tonight’s festivities are the launching of the DZRH 75th anniversary Coffeetable book and a special commemorative stamp from PhilPost.  These items encompassed the whole existence of DZRH.

We’ve been through many turbulence as a nation, and DZRH has been a witnessed to most of these.  As we enter another landmark, DZRH will continue with its unparalleled public service and unbiased news reportage.


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    Ma’am ngayon po ba post ng mga finalist for the coffee book cover. Thanks

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