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DOLE acquits Nutriasia from alleged illegal labor scheme

The Department of Labor and Employment acquits Nutriasia from its alleged illegal labor schemes.

During the Senate hearing on Thursday, DOLE said that the worker who went on strike against Nutriasia were not directly hired by the said company but through a contractor, B-Mirk Enterprises Corp.

This was also confirmed by Thelma Meneses of Nutriasia.  According to Meneses, their company has regular and permanent employees including trained personnel behind the cooking process of their products.

However, they had to outsource people for post-production, filling and packing, wherein they hired the services of B-Mirk to supply them with workers.

On June 2, more than 200 out of the 1,400 walked-out in the middle of production and blocked the gates of the Marilao compound of Nutriasia.

Nutriasia then tried to settle the issue peacefully but all efforts were disregarded by the strikers.

Meanwhile, during Thursday’s Senate hearing, supporters of the said company were present to show support to the management.



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