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DOJ’s Aguirre remains mum on Kerwin Espinosa’s acquittal

(photo credit: DZRH Boy Gonzales)

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre would remain mum on the decision of the National Prosecution Service to acquit two of the alleged drug lords of Eastern Visayas.

On Monday, the drug charges against Peter Lim, Peter Co, Kerwin Espinosa among others, were lifted by the NPS.

According to Aguirre, he has no hand in the decision of the NPS and that his agency is distancing itself from the said resolution because the said decision will still go through automatic review.

Aguirre added that he will still be in-charge in solving the case therefore he would rather remain quiet regarding the said matter.

However, Aguirre said that the NPS’s decision is not yet final.

There are other ways that can be used to file charges against the said suspects, including filing for a Motion for Reconsideration, or subjecting it to an automatic review.

Here’s the statement of the DOJ Secretary:

“As of the moment, my office will refrain from making unnecessary comment on this particular case since it will eventually be the subject of an automatic review which I will resolve.

Procedurally, my office has no hand nor say on the resolution of this case.

Suffice it to say that the current status of the case against the respondents Peter Lim et al., does not mean that it is a final exoneration of their respective criminal liabilities. Under our present procedure in the DOJ, there are possible avenues to review this case, either by a motion for reconsideration, or ultimately, by way of automatic review by my office.

The dismissal is a slight bump on the our war against drugs, it is likewise a wake up to all concerned that our efforts, from apprehension to resolution to conviction must be concerted and thorough. However, we remain committed to waging the war on drugs.”

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