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Die Beautiful receives Best Feature plum in international award

Paolo Ballesteros as Trisha in ‘Die Beautiful’

The Filipino comedy film “Die Beautiful” was given the Best Feature award in the recently concluded Newcastle International Film Festival in United Kingdom.

The movie which catapulted actor Paolo Ballesteros into stardom, had a local release two years ago.

The movie was directed by Jun Robles Lana.  The story is about a transgender Trisha Echevarria and her quest in making it big to the world of Beauty pageant.  Even to her death, her friends honored her request to be dressed (made up) like her favorite artists, each night of her wake.

Die Beautiful gave Ballesteros multiple awards including Best Actor in the Tokyo International Film Festival, and Best Actor in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

(with Emiecille Villanueva)

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