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DepEd ready for senior high school

Department of Education (screen grabbed from internet)

Private and public secondary schools nationwide are all set for 1.1 million students who have already registered for the Grade 11 and Grade 12 for schoolyear 2016 school year.

“But they have yet to be enrolled,” Education Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC, said over the weekend during the conclusion of the two-day First K to 12 Conference at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City.

Luistro said he is very happy and proud of the Division School Superintendents’ hard work and outstanding achievements during the last five years as the Department grew leaps and bounds in improving the country’s educational system.

Luistro said one of most important accomplishments is the generation of K to 12 program where students take up technical-vocational crafts to increase their opportunities of landing a job even before they finish high school.

The Education chief also mentioned that there are 17,000 returning students who said they would rather go through the K to 12 program instead of going straight to college.

“Now, this is a big surprise because the kids want to be ready for the tough outside world armed with knowledge and readiness to work of instead of doing academics straight from high school. This was never the case before, Luistro ” told the cheering educators.

Luistro said he was grateful for the Division Schools’ Senior High School (SHS) efforts to strengthen the learner preference and aptitude of high school students by conducting surveys and re-surveys on their career option and asking the help of successful alumni to speak on career guidance.

”You are much far ahead of DepEd in planning and execution of our education goals. You have devised ways and means to keep learners near schools through dormitories, school vehicle and other means of ferrying the youngsters to safety,” he said.

He added school divisions have been initiating what is to be done in the country’s educational system. “You have and are willingly providing the answer to the old system’s problems. You have not stopped on providing education but also looked for jobs in each particular region.

“What’s more you have lessened dependence on funds government which does not have infinite resources or budget for its many projects.”

He said 21 per cent of Filipinos understood the K to 12 program due to excellent marketing strategies of the Division Schools.

“Aside from word of mouth and street stories, 42 per cent of acceptability of what they read and hear from social media, TV and print media, a bigger portion of 68 per cent of info come from caravans, fiestas’ tricycles, explanation from work authorities are fanned out to the public.”

”There’s so much to be done but what is important is we have gone over the hump of our educational reforms though solutions of our own people and complemented by the DepEd of which I am so proud to have headed for a time.

”Education is vital to the shaping of our world to become a better place to live in.

“Solutions to some of the hardened problems in learning, occupation and character formation starts within us, our homes, environment before formal education follows through,” Luistro said.

Luistro said many DepEd problems have been solved via the cooperation of the private and public school systems that is why the country is now ready for a big change with K to 12.

He said several private schools are sharing their hardware and software resources with public schools who in turn share knowledge management and planning on a bigger context. Since there is a 70 per cent to 30 per cent ratio when it comes to public and private school population.

”The harmonious relationship between the public and private school system is now more visible and viable which is a sign of success.

“This is not a teleserye that would come to an end. K to 12 should stay with us forever even if most of us are gone, he said.”

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