Demolition of illegal houses in Lawton, Manila, suspended


The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) and the local inter-agency committee suspended the demolition of the houses being used by illegal settlers in Lawton, Manila.

The demolition of the houses used by about 25 families, to be overseen by PRRC Executive Dir. Jose Antonio Gotia, was stopped after the residents insisted that the government should provide a relocation site for them.

According to the residents, they were forced by the PRRC to sign a waiver that evicts them from the area before the demolition.

Meanwhile, authorities claimed that the structures at Ferry Station Linear Park, Lawton are illegal, and its illegal residents should be ejected.

The PRRC further added that the illegal settlers in Lawton Ferry Station are not eligible for relocation since they have previously been relocated.

Last 2007, the PRC reclaimed the shores of the Pasig River along Lawton, and turned the area to an environmental preservation area, where a linear park and ferry station will be built.

The PRRC is an office under the Office of the President, and was tasked to resolve the pollution in Pasig River.

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