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De Lima claims: Jaybee Sebastian was pressured to lie against her

jaybee sebastian

Senator Leila De Lima insisted that high-profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian is being forced by authorities to speak against her during the House of Representatives’ hearing on the alleged illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison.

According to De Lima, the government is pressuring Sebastian to testify against her and that the alleged most powerful inmate is giving in to the pressure.

In line with this, De Lima said that she has received information that Sebastian was the real target during the recent riot inside the Bilibid last September 28, wherein two other inmates’ Peter Co and Vicente Sy were injured and Tony Co was killed.

The lady Senator denied being in a relationship with former security aide Joenel Sanchez, and also denied receiving Php2 Million from Sebastian through Sanchez.

Meanwhile, Sebastian believes that he was stabbed during the September riot to prevent him from testifying.

Sebastian said that before the riot, he was willing to testify and cooperate with the Duterte administration.

However, after the attempt against his life, and his name, including his family has been affected, if not for the subpoena, the high-profile inmate said that there is a possibility that he will no longer testify.

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