Court denies Parojinog siblings request to visit wake of their parents

Ozamiz City vice mayor Nova Parojinog and his brother Reynaldo Jr. will not be able to visit the wake of their parents.

The local court junked the petition of the Parojinog siblings to attend their parents’ wake and burial.

Based on the decision of Judge Edmundo Pintac of Ozamiz RTC branch 15, the two are considered as high profile inmates.

It would be dangerous not just for the two Parojinogs to travel, but also to their police escorts.

Judge Pintac said that Police Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido revealed a confidential information that there is threat against the Parojinogs once they set foot out of their detention cells.

Also, the judge is taking into consideration the public’s high emotion on the said issue and this may serve as threat in security, not just for the Parojinogs’ allies but whoever is against them in Ozamiz City.


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