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Court Admin wants QC RTC Judge to explain choking incident against Sr. Prosecutor

Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez

Court Administrator Justice Jose Midas Marquez is asking the Executive Judge of the Quezon City Regional trial Courts regarding the strangling incident on Sr. Deputy Chief State Prosecutor Richard Fadullon.

Marquez would like to remind all judges and court personnel to follow the existing security protocol in courts.

The former Spokesman of Supreme Court added that these kinds of incidents could be avoided if the security protocol is properly being implemented.

Marquez made the statement after Prosecutor General Claro Arellano appealed to the judges to implement stricter security in their court rooms when session is taking place.

However, Arellano admits that what happened to him is part of his job as a prosecutor.

Fadullon was injured on Thursday after he was strangulated by a suspect who was sentenced for his Kidnapping for ransom with homicide case at the QC-RTC.

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