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Congress to focus on Metro Manila traffic

Rep. Winston Castelo and MMDA plan to eliminate traffic in MM

The House Committee on Metro Manila Development together with the Metro Manila Development Authority is now acting to resolve the worsening traffic problem in the Metro, especially in EDSA.

According to Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo, Chairman of the said committee, they already have a plan to ease traffic by coordinating the concerned party.

Included in the planning is putting up car pools in EDSA, Quezon Avenue and other main roads, and there will be exemption in number coding as incentives.

Castelo said that the MMDA also plans on implementing a total truck ban in major thoroughfares and secondary streets, though it’s still in the planning process because of the argument that prices of commodities will increase if there will be a 100 percent truck ban.

Also, they’re thinking of removing bus terminals along EDSA.  They’ve estimated that there are more than 60 provincial bus terminals in EDSA right now.

If the plans succeed, EDSA and most of the main roads in Metro Manila will be ease out of atleast 20 percent of vehicles.

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