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COMELEC: LP has not violated election laws over ‘Playgirls’ dance

'No violation in election law'- COMELEC. (Screen grabbed from internet)
‘No violation in election law’- COMELEC. (Screen grabbed from internet)

The lewd performance of  the ‘Playgirls’ dance group during the birthday celebration of one of the members of the  Liberal party did not violate any election law.

This was confirmed by Commission on Elections Commissioner Christian Robert Lim on Tuesday.

According to Lim, “when the Omnibus Election Code was invented, there was no twerking yet.  Under the Revised Penal Code, there are (provisions on) obscenity but not in election laws.”

However, COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista said that he will consider the complaints against the incident.

Bautista insisted that “If someone will file a case, we will see if there was a violation.  But you have to cite specific legal ground.  Obscenity, lewd or acts of lasciviousness are not in the Omnibus Election, but they are in the Criminal code.”

The Department of Interior and Local Government and the Liberal Party already started their separate probe regarding the said incident.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino already apologized for the incident, amid reports that he was responsible in bringing the said girl group to the party.  Tolentino continues to denied such claims.


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