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Colangco holds alleged receipt from De Lima’s staff



Herbert Colangco admits to keeping receipts from his alleged payment to the staff of Senator Leila De Lima.

Colangco identified security aide Joenel Sanchez as the lady Senator’s bagman.

According to Colangco, when Sanchez collects the money, he even ask for food and gas money from Colangco.

The witness added that he once tasked his talent manager Renante Diaz to send Php5,000 to Sanchez.  Colangco during Tuesday’s Congress hearing said that he still has the receipt from the remittance center, Palawan Express, with the name of Sanchez in them.

Meanwhile, the convicted drug lord admitted to bringing in women inside the National Bilibid Prisons.

Colangco said that he has men outside who bring in women for prostitution.

The women usually are being paid Php25,000 from the outside and he will sell them to a higher price inside.

His personal “bungalow” served as a motel room for inmates who can afford to pay his “girls.”

Colangco explained that he needed to do that because he needed to come up with the Php3 million monthly payment to then Justice Secretary Leila De Lima.

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