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Chorale competition in the midst of pop culture


Popular music has been ruling the airwaves for quite some time now, and when we talk about MUSIC, we often associate it with flashy dance steps, cool music videos, and good-looking singers.  We’ve been accustomed to popular songs, we tend to forget that there pop music is not the end all and be all in the music world.

During the opening night of Sing ‘N’ Joy Manila 2013 at the Aliw Theater, the audience, mostly aficionados of chorale competition were in awe as some of the participating choirs proved that they’re in this competition for a reason.

True enough, the panel of judges for this chorale competition came from the crème de la crème of the chorale competition world.

Sitting with Director International Relations of Interkultur Germany and the Director of the said competition Thomas Schule, according to him they’ve been preparing for this event for about a year and a half already, including the contractual negotiations with the Manila Broadcasting Company.

The Interkultur Germany is in-charge of the World Choir Games and they chose the Philippines because they know that our country is one of the strongest choral nations in the world.

“Manila is the center of choral music in South East Asia”, and for Schule, the man insisted that the first Sing ‘N’ Joy competition should happen here.


Nearby Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and even the United States expressed their intentions of participating.  They know that competing against Filipino choir groups is a tough job.  Meanwhile, Filipino choir groups, known to be competition-driven are up to the challenge by having the biggest delegation in the said competition.

Chorale music isn’t considered mainstream, but as one of the judges in the competition, Jonathan Velasco said, chorale competition has a following.  They’re very critical when it comes to judging what is good and what is mediocre.

Jonathan Velasco, President of the Philippine Chorale Association and Conductor of the Ateneo Chambers Singers and Advisor of the Board of the International Federation for Chorale Music, a frequent judge of the World Choir Games, said that the whole world knows what the quality of the Philippine choirs are even his fellow judges are very happy with the quality of the participants.

“It’s the Filipinos who do not know what we’re capable of”, stated Velasco.

Filipinos are born to sing, we have the voice, some of us need time to develop it, but we’ve proven to the world time and time again that we can carry a tune.

The judges in the Sing “N” Joy Manila 2013 will have a difficulty announcing the winner of the grand prix come Saturday night, because everybody came in the competition thinking of only one thing, that is to win.

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