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Chinese netizens irked with WPS decision


Some Chinese netizens expressed their disappointed over the decision of the United Nations Tribunal Court on the case filed by the Philippines against China.

The International court favored the Philippines on its claim over the disputed islands at the West Philippines Sea.

In line with this, some netizens took to social media their anger by stating that they will boycott Philippine products, like mangoes and bananas.

Some tourists have also cancelled their booking schedules bound for Manila.

There are other groups in China calling for the imposition of economic sanction to the Philippines so that Filipinos will feel the massive effect of the said decision by the international court against Beijing.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, popularly known in the Philippines as Meteor Garden’s Shan Cai posted on her social media account “ Let there be peace between China and Philippines. Mahal kita.”

However, hours after the said post.  There have been reports that Hsu’s Twitter account got suspended.  There have been claims that Ms. Hsu does not have any social media account except for her Weibo.

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