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China welcomes Senator Cayetano’s appointment as DFA Secretary

(PRIB Photo by Albert Calvelo/12 March 2015)
(PRIB Photo by Albert Calvelo/12 March 2015)

China welcomes the appointment of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano as the new Foreign Affairs Secretary.

During a press conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Spokesman Gen Shuang said that China is ready to coordinate with Cayetano, particularly in strengthening the China-Philippines relations, including issues concerning peace and stability in the region.

Geng also mentioned that since last year, the bilateral cooperation between the two countries have improved and it brought good results.

China hopes that the good relationship between the two countries will continue under the leadership of Cayetano as new DFA Secretary.

Meanwhile, China also expressed its support on President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs in the recently concluded review of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

China said that it supports President Duterte and the Philippines’ campaign against illegal drugs.

According to Shuang, illegal drugs is a common enemy of many countries, and China believes that the international community should respect the Philippines’ judicial sovereignty and its fight against illegal drugs.

Shuang also mentioned that in the 27th session of the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council, wherein more than a hundred nations made mention of their own remarks on the issue of the alleged extra-judicial killings in the Philippines in connection with its campaign against illegal drugs.

According to Shuang, countries like Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and China all gave positive remarks wherein they also mentioned the process that the Philippines continue to implement in fighting off poverty, and to push for its socio-economic development and give importance to human rights.

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