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China to ban Kpop activities in their country?

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A report regarding China’s alleged plan to ban all South Korean programs and its artists’ promotions in their country has gone viral in social media.

According to the said report, due to the on-going tension between South Korea and China, the General Office of Television and Broadcasting of China has issued new regulations, limiting the showing of Kpop dramas and Kpop artists’ activities in their country.

However, when confirmed by SINA, an online media company in China, its source said that no such regulation has been issued by the said agency.  But, there have been changes and limiting of Kpop dramas being shown in their television stations.  Activities of South Korean artists have been limited as well.

The tension between the two countries stemmed after South Korea entered an agreement with the United States of America, allowing the latter to deploy its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense.

South Korea will use THAAD in fighting off North Korea’s nuclear threat.

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