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China condemns viral sex video taken inside clothing store’s changing rooms


In China, sex is still considered taboo, and their social media is well guarded that even the likes of Facebook and any form of dropbox media-sharing websites are banned.

However, out of nowhere, a video of a couple believed to be having sex inside a dressing room of a popular clothing brand went viral in cyberspace.  The said video was uploaded through Weibo, China’s own version of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram rolled into one.

The clip only lasted for a few seconds and it showed a naked girl and her boyfriend, doing the nasty while filming themselves.  In the said video, the guy was heard saying “Call me husband” and “we’ll be together” while some music is being played in the background.

Based from the said clip, the name of the store was revealed as its PA system announced something.

The alleged deed happened in a Uniqlo store in Sanlitun, in Beijing.

Chinese officials were enraged upon hearing of the said video and immediately pulled it out of social media.  They even scolded anyone who uploaded it and wrote news, and or stories about it.

According to one Chinese official, the said video has severely violated the socialist’ core values.

Meanwhile, after the video went viral, maybe just out of curiosity, people are trooping to Uniqlo and start taking their own version of selfies in front of the store.  Because of this, some critics say that the video was deliberate to generate buzz on the store.

Uniqlo was quick to deny these allegations and said in a statement that “We would like to remind the public to uphold social morality and use our fitting rooms in a correct and proper way.”   (with DZRH Rita Salonga)

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