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China: Benham Rise do not belong to Philippines

(Screen grabbed from the internet)
(Screen grabbed from the internet)

China insists that the Philippines cannot declare that it owns the Benham Rise. China made this statement after the country’s alleged surveying of the said territory at the Pacific Ocean.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang, they recognize the ruling of the United Nations that approves the Philippines’ claim of Benham Rise.

But according to the official, this does not mean that the area is part Philippine territory.

Geng said that the Philippines shouldn’t complain about the Chinese Marine Research Vessels passing through the controversial territory due to freedom of navigation.

Meanwhile, Senator Sonny Angara asked that the Philippine government should insists its ownership of the Benham Rise, which is near the Aurora Province and Isabela.

The Senator believes that the 13-million hectare undersea landmass at the Pacific Ocean is under the jurisdiction of the Philippines.

Due to this, Angara proposed that Benham Rise be developed by the Duterte Administration since the Philippines has exclusive rights for the exploration and exploitation of the area’s natural resources.




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