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Cherie Gil posts cryptic message amid her own ‘Actors etiquette’

Veteran actress Cherie Gil

Veteran actress Cherie Gil had spilled some tea on her own do’s and don’t for the newbies in the industry.

In a cryptic post on Monday, December 3, Gil mentioned how “certain actors’ etiquette are not taught in some acting workshops. And I think they should be.”

First on Gil’s actor etiquette is her rant that she should not be kissed out of courtesy or be called a “tita.”

“NEVER ever kiss me in greeting, out of so called politeness and courtesy, if I don’t know who the hell you are!” Gil wrote. “Introduce yourself first! And pllleeeaaasssee don’t call me TITA unless we are blood related (or super super close fam friends),” she said in her post.

She also reiterated that when the director instructs an actor, it should not be repeated to a co-actor.

“Never TEACH your co actor or tell her/him how he should do the scene or his part UNLESS you need something from the actor which would help you in your own process. BUT ask kindly and humbly.”

Gil, best known for her 1985 role as Lavinia in the film “Bituing Walang Ningning,” also prohibits the use of cellphone  and “retouching” especially during blocking or a reading of a scene.

Being a veteran actress herself, Gil reminded fellow artists that they should never make any actor wait for them when called to the set, wherein she emphasized, “ESPECIALLY senior actors.” Gil also added that there are different types of ego and one must learn to know the differences of each.

“KEEP the good kind which is necessary for creativity and your own preservation of self-worth!”

In the end, she reminds everyone that “art is a collaboration. And there is always room to learn from and grow with one another. So… please throw your effing ugly EGO out the window.”


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