CAAP sets probe on alleged emergency landing of chopper in the middle of a sports complex

Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is set to investigate reports that allegedly, a helicopter made an emergency landing in the middle of the ULTRA Philippine Sports Complex in Pasig City last Tuesday, January 8.

According to CAAP spokesman Eric Apolinario, the probe stemmed after reports from social media state that on board the said chopper was Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino.

Based on what is circulating in social media, Dino had to make an emergency landing while an event was on-going at the stadium because he needed to pee.  But in Dino’s defense, he left the helicopter to urinate while waiting for the other passengers to board the chopper.

However, Apolinio clarified that the target of their investigation is the pilot or the flight operator, and not its passengers.

The chopper was enroute to the launching of a ‘Malasakit Center’ in Batangas when the incident happened.

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