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BOC to steamroll luxury vehicles on March 14

Bureau of Customs

The Bureau of Customs will once again be wrecking luxury cars through a steamroller (pison).

On Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte announced that, on March 14, he will oversee the destruction of luxury cars that were smuggled to the Philippines and were seized by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority.

The destruction of confiscated luxury vehicles will not only happen in CEZA, but also at piers in Cebu and Davao City.

Meanwhile, CEZA officials clarified that the President will only witness the destruction of 14 of the 855 condemned vehicles since the board is still set to decide on the appeal of Fenix (Ceza) who claims ownership of the remaining automobiles.

Previously, Duterte explained that he would rather destroy smuggled vehicles rather than auction them since some importers allow the cars to be seized in order to buy them in cheaper prices during the auction.

The President further added that he would rather have the scrap metal from the destroyed vehicles sold to junk shops than auctioning it to smugglers.

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