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Black Nazarene traslacion 2017 took 22 hours to reach Quiapo Church

Photo by DZRH Sherwin Alfaro
Photo by DZRH Sherwin Alfaro

The 2017 Black Nazarene Traslacion was declared peaceful or orderly amid the more than 22 hours procession.

Before 3:30am when the Black Nazarene image was returned inside the Quiapo Church with millions of devotees rejoicing.

Based on the estimation of National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director Oscar Albayalde, around 2.5 million joined the traslacion that started at 5:30am Monday, and ended at 3:30am Tuesday.

Mobile services were jammed throughout the Traslacion as part of the security measures amid existing terror threat.

According to some devotees, the traslacion was more organized this year since many police and soldiers helped in making the occasion orderly and peaceful.

Due to the high number of devotees, more than 1,200 were rushed to the hospital and given first aid by the Philippine Red Cross, mostly sustained injuries, fainted and were dehydrated due to the hot temperature.

The traslacion also featured the ‘Dungaw’ or the meeting of the Black Nazarene and image of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel when the procession passed by at San Sebastian Church in Plaza Del Carmen.

It symbolizes the love of a mother to her child and hints that the Nazarene wants to see his mother.


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