Binay’s camp accuses LP of vote-buying

Screen grabbed from internet
Screen grabbed from internet

Vice President and Presidential aspirant Jejomar Binay’s camp is accusing the Liberal Party of vote buying in the middle of the implementation of bottom-up budgeting (BUB).

According to United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) Spokesman Mon Ilagan, Mar Roxas II, LP’s standard-bearer has allegedly promised an additional PhpP100 million for BUB. This for them is considered as vote buying for it could influence people to vote for him.

Ilagan called the BUB as ‘Bribe Ur Barangay’ since it is their target for vote buying. He claimed that BUB as new localized version of pork barrel politics.

Prior to this, Roxas promised the League of Barangays to benefit from the proposed BUB.


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