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Bertiz gets a slap on the wrist over NAIA fiasco

Cong. Aniceto ‘John’ Bertiz (screen grabbed from internet)

The House of Representatives officially reprimanded ACTS-OFW partylist Rep. Aniceto Bertiz over his “tantrum” at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport last Sept. 29

With the vote 159-yes, 1-no and 3-abstentions, the majority voted in favor of House Minority Floor leader Danilo Suarez’ proposal to reprimand Bertiz.

The said move was in accordance with Section 140 of rules of the lower house.

Suarez said that though what Bertiz did was wrong, a reprimand is a more appropriate punishment for the lawmaker since suspending him would be considered “severe and inappropriate.”

Suarez added that this is the first time that Bertiz violated the house rules and that he already apologized several times on his actions.

During his speech at the House plenary on Wednesday, Bertiz once again apologized to his fellow lawmakers for not exhibiting good manners, to the NAIA staff Mr. Abdul, to his family who continues to receive flak and threats, to the public and to the institution itself.

Bertiz earned the ire of the public after a video of him refusing to follow protocol at the NAIA terminal check point, to the point of confiscating the badge of the NAIA staff, went viral in social media.

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When he was asked and criticized about it, his first defense was that he was questioning the NAIA staff why some Chinese-looking passengers were spared from undergoing the same checkpoint.  However, he did apologize after but stated that it was because he was under a lot of stress and was on his “monthly period.”


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