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Bello signs order banning ‘Labor only Contracting’

DOLE Sec. Silvestre Bello
DOLE Sec. Silvestre Bello

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) sec. Silvestre Bello III signed the order implementing the total banning of ‘Labor only Contracting’ in the country.

The Department Order 174 aims to strictly set the regulation in contractual arrangements and stop ‘endo’ or contractualiztion.

Bello, said that the order states the strengthening of employees’ rights in labor standards, collective bargaining agreement and security of tenure.

It means legal contractualization is still allowed, though it sets firmer basis in order not to violate the employees’ rights.

Bello expressed that in order not to use the ‘endo’ in mentioned contractualization, companies are obliged to have sufficient capital or investment in hiring employees.

According to the official, as DOLE Secretary, he has no right to prohibit all kinds of contractualization and fixed-term employment since it is under the Congress.

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