Barangay in Naga prohibits gossiping

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Gossipers are no longer allowed in a barangay in Naga City.

The barangay council of Bagumbayan Norte has recently approved the Anti-tsismis Ordinance.

According to barangay Chief Antonio Beltran, none of the barangay councilors were against the proposal of councilwoman Lolita Nantes.

Beltran explained that almost 30% of the residents in Brgy. Bagumbayan Norte, mostly female, like to spread rumors.

The barangay chief revealed that one rumor was about a pregnant resident who allegedly have given birth even though she was only in her first trimester.

Anyone found violating the ordinance for the first time will be fined Php 500, and will participate in community service for three days.

Second-time offenders will be fined Php 700 and will do community service for five days, and, upon the third offense, violators will be fined Php 1,000 and perform community service for days.

The Anti-tsismis ordinance will hold individuals or groups liable for starting the rumor.

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